FullSizeRenderLA MELA® covers are born from the idea of a husband, who, tired of looking for his wife’s Iphone everyday, everywhere, was determined to find a way for everybody not to aks themselves “where’s my Iphone?” anymore!

His lazyness also lead him to find a way to talk on the phone without having to use his hands to hold it!

And his worry about it falling from his pockets lead him to invent something that made it possible to always hold his phone in a safe place!

His love to ride his motorbike in summer just wearing a tshirt lead him to invent a way to wear his iphone with no need of pockets!

His passion for photography made him desire to have his phone on hand at the right moment!

And the pity he felt for his wife often digging for her phone in her bag for “hours” took him to the decision that “it was time to invent a way to make your life with your phone easier”!


He’s always loved luxury and “beautiful things”, that’s why he went for a luxurious version of his invention!

From all this love, passion and desire, LA MELA® covers came to life! After more than a year of passionate work!

He envisioned a cover for iphone that could make a statement, he made a sketch, contacted the best goldsmith in Italy, and finally invented a cover to be worn!



Tecnologia e moda si fondono per dare vita ad un accessorio ricercato ed esclusivo. Primo al mondo, il brand LA MELA ha brevettato preziose cover per iPhone , placcate in oro 18kt e realizzate interamente a mano in Italia da maestri orafi specializzati in alta gioielleria. Ogni cover è un pezzo unico. Ogni placcatura, è realizzata con estrema meticolosità e precisione, mentre le lavorazioni sono eseguite a mano con la punta di un diamante.